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When BONDS originally started in 2015 by a group of local students from Oakwood and DECA the did not know each other at all but from day to day they worked extremely hard to bring STEM opportunities to Dayton. The team raised money through numerous fundraisers and sponsorships to get $25,000. There also very involved in the community from hosting FLL competitions to collaborating with other teams in order to build the t-shirt launching robot. The team worked hard all throughout build season and during the team’s first competition in Pittsburgh.

Season One

– Pittsburgh

The team won the Rookie All-Star and highest rookie seed Award advancing the team to World Championships in St. Louis. The Rookie All-Star Award is an award granted to a first-year team that has exceeded the expectations of a first-year team. Out of 52 teams at Pittsburgh’s Regional Competition our team was ranked at 7th place.

– Queen City Regional

At the team’s second competition at the Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, we won the Rookie Inspiration Award and Highest Rookie Seed Award once again. Out of 56 teams at queen city’s Regional Competition, our team ranked 10th place

– World Championship in St. Louis

And to finish things out in a bang for that season they went on to win world Rookie All Star .at the World Festival



Season Two

– Miami Valley

In this regional, one of our team members won a Dean’s List Award.

– MidWest Regional

We did not win anything, but we did enjoy our experience at Chicago.

– St. Louis World Competition

Our student nominee for the international Deans List won! We are very proud to be able to have such inspirational and hard working student be recognized for his accomplishments.