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Come Support Our Team!

We are having resteraunt take overs throughout this year, please come join us and help support the BONDS.

Upcoming Takeovers:


When? February 26th, 2018

Where? 131 Jasper Street Dayton OH

Time?  4pm-10pm


When? November 30th, 2017

Where? 1211 Brown Street Dayton, OH

Time? 4pm to 8pm

flyer   <—-Download the Flyer here


Our team is always looking for donations to help our team with robot parts and travel costs.  From $5 to $500 amount helps!

$10-$50 – Team supplies, team meals

$50-$100 – Robot parts, motors, software

$100-$250 – Robot parts, team travel costs for competitions

$500+ – Robot parts, competition entry fees

To to donate to the team,

Click HERE

Thank you for the support!!!