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Mission Statement:

We are First Robotics Competition team 5811, The BONDS. We are a group of high school students from the Dayton area. Our mission is to bring STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) opportunities to students from all over our community. We want to get members of our community interested in STEM while bringing diverse cultures together. So, how did we do it?

In the Fall of 2015, The BONDS were formed. Students from Dayton Early College Academy and Oakwood High School came together to form a team. Soon after, in January 2016, they took on their first mission: FIRST Stronghold.

The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to be leaders and innovators in science and technology through engaging them in exciting Mentor-based programs that build STEM  skills, that inspire, and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Some would even go as far as to call it “The varsity sport of the mind.”

FIRST Stronghold was the 2016 Robotics Competition game. The game was played by two alliances of  three teams each, and involves breaching the opponent’s’ defenses, as well as capturing their tower, and then surrounding or scaling the tower. Teams from around the world spend six weeks building and programming a robot to compete at a competition. This sport is far  more than just robots.

Our team has a place for everyone, no matter the skills or interests that you possess. We run The Bonds like a business. We have sub-groups responsible for each area of the team, such as build, programming, business, marketing, etc. Each team has a captain who carefully delegates work to other people in their respective subgroup. In this way, we can be the most efficient as a team.

Since the first season, we have been learning and adapting to solve the new problems that arise. Each year we get a new “game” and the cycle starts all over again. We are always looking to bring opportunities to new students in the Dayton area. If you are interested in joining the team, or even just learning more or visiting the workshop, please use the contact form.


Our Partners:

K12 Gallery & TEJAS is a regional visual arts center offering innovative visual arts programs for all ages in Dayton, Ohio. These programs include art classes, in school and after school art education programs, summer art camps, field trips, professional exhibitions, public art, workshops, community outreach, and art parties for all ages. K12 Gallery & TEJAS, a nonprofit arts organization, is located in the heart of Dayton at 341 S. Jefferson St. 

We have partnered with this nonprofit as a centralized home for the Dayton robotics community. We continue Tejas’ mission by providing the STEAM opportunities for students who are interested in the innovative programs that K12 helps provide. Without K12 the mission of the BONDS would not be possible. Therefore we continue to applaud them on the many ways they benefit us.


University of Dayton’s mission is to promote diversity in their educating atmosphere as a Top-tier Catholic research university with academic offerings from the undergraduate to the doctoral levels. They are a diverse community committed, in the Marianist tradition, to educating the whole person and linking learning and scholarship with leadership and service. With 7,800 undergraduate full-time students and 2,400 graduate law students this is an university many students will call “home” and 89% say they love UD. The University is ranked No.1 for sponsored engineering and development research and No.2 for nationally federally sponsored materials research and development. The University promotes diversity, and gives minorities a voice. UD was the first University to establish an undergraduate program in human rights studies, and their Human Rights Center creates positive change through research, education and dialogue.

We have partnered with UD to promote the message of diversity and inclusion and to show students the access that a college education can give them. Throughout our partnership they have provided space for FIRST Lego League Tournaments in the city of Dayton and provided significant financial support for the team. This has enabled us to promote the FIRST message, the BONDS mission of Bringing Opportunities Near Dayton Students and has helped us to “BOND” the community through STEM.